PPP procurement methodologies are being used across sectors and even although the procurement principles remain constant large variations are found when conceptualising and preparing unique projects.

Below please find a short extract from a University RFQ, 2020 for your information. The University is considering the procurement of student residences. It is also important to note that the affordable housing- and the student accommodation sectors have a significant number of similarities. Project developers therefor need to consider what has been successful or what has failed across different but similar sectors. The main aim is plan, develop, create and maintain value for money ver the life cycle of a PPP contract.

The University of North Texas System (UNTS) is soliciting statements of qualifications from firms with an established history of providing high quality and cost effective methods to plan, finance, design, and construct in accordance with the terms, conditions, and requirements set forth in this RFQ for UNTS that may need the stated services. It is the intention of this solicitation is for UNTS to qualify firm(s) for potential future Public Private Partnership opportunities. These potential P3 projects could include, but are not limited to, student housing, dining facilities, childcare centre, parking and mixed use.

Interested? Please follow the link https://www.untsystem.edu/sites/default/files/bid-documents/unts_rfq_for_p3_projects_01-30-2020.pdf

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