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The purpose of the Execution certification is to confirm whether the candidate has achieved sufficient understanding of how to apply the structuring & drafting process of PPP tender documents and the PPP contract, the tendering and awarding of PPP contracts, and the management of PPP contracts during the Construction and Operations Phases.

All candidates must have already passed the Foundation exam to be eligible to sit the Execution exam. Candidates may wish to only take one of the two higher level exams (whichever is most relevant to their role), therefore it is not mandatory to have passed both the Foundation and Preparation exams before taking the Execution exam. However, to get a holistic understanding of the PPP process cycle, we recommend that all three exams are taken.

Target Audience for the Execution exam

The target audience for the Execution exam is individuals who are involved in the structuring & tendering of PPP projects, and the management of PPP contracts. This will mostly be public sector officials and practitioners and their advisors and consultants. Private sector (private industry i.e. developers, contractors, investors and financiers) who have an interest as a way to better understand:

  • The PPP concept as a procurement method
  • Government tender processes
  • Structuring of the PPP contract
  • Management of a PPP contract
  • Government’s perspective of the construction and operations phases

Getting certified

Candidates will be able to take the Execution exam at the end of an accredited training course via PPP Training Online. The live online training course is typically 4 days long and includes time for candidates to sit the Execution exam.

All candidates who pass a CP3P exam will be awarded an e-certificate and a digital badge to prove their success.

CP3P Credential

Candidates who pass all three examinations (Foundation, Preparation and Execution) will automatically be awarded the CP3P credential. The credential is a digital badge and e-certificate which demonstrates that the holder has a full knowledge of the PPP lifecycle, as documented in the PPP Guide. Digital badges can be shared with colleagues and friends via social media networks.

APMG Certification Program

The APMG PPP Certification Program is an innovation of the World Bank Group (WBG) and International Finance Organisations with a shared vision of enhancing Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) performance globally. CP3P is the definitive credential to demonstrate that practitioners are aligned with international PPP good practice.

Exam format

The Execution exam is based on chapters 5 to 8 of the PPP Certification Guide. The exam is based on a fictional scenario, is 2½-3 hours in duration, and has 4 main questions each worth 20 marks and the pass mark is 40 out of a possible 80 marks. As with the Preparation exam, candidates will be permitted to refer to the PPP Certification Guide during the Execution examination.

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