CP3P Execution Classroom-Based Course

Welcome to the  CP3P Execution Classroom-based Course.

All candidates must have already passed the Foundation exam to be eligible to sit the Execution exam.

The target audience for the Execution course is individuals who are involved in the structuring & tendering of PPP projects, and the management of PPP contracts. This will mostly be public sector officials and practitioners and their advisors and consultants. Private sector (private industry i.e. developers, contractors, investors, and financiers) who have an interest as a way to better understand:

  • The PPP concept as a procurement method
  • Government tender processes
  • Structuring of the PPP contract
  • Management of a PPP contract
  • Government’s perspective of the construction and operations phases


What is different?

PPP Training Online trust that you will significantly benefit from your participation in this course. This Classroom-based CP3P Execution course offers:

  1. Highly experienced and internationally accredited trainer/s that will explain and lead you throughout this intensive and very valuable course.
  2. The trainer will guide you, the candidate, ensuring comprehension and the ability to apply the inherent principles of major infrastructure projects whilst highlighting the critical success factors.
  3. A user-friendly registration and administration process plus a first-class training venue.
  4. Well-structured interactive course making use of group and individual work sessions.
  5. Reference to a large variety of case studies-across popular sectors:
    • Energy: Independent Power Producers, Transmission and distribution PPPs.
    • Transport: Ports, roads, heavy and light rail, Bus Rapid Transport PPPs.
    • Water: Desalination, wastewater reuse, bioenergy PPPs.
    • Social Projects: Hospitals, schools.
  1. Additional reading material covering:
    • Risk management frameworks.
    • Contract management.
    • Hand back of the project.
  1. A printed and electronic, searchable version of Chapters 5 to 8 of the CP3P Guide.
  2. PPPTO also undertakes to support you with relevant case studies and or additional information regarding sectors that are of interest, for two years after completing your exam.

Classroom Exam Format

Case study plus additional information.

  • 80 multiple-choice questions.
  • 50% required to pass.
  •  2½ hours duration.
  • Open book exam.

PPPTO urges you to make the best of this opportunity on your journey towards becoming a PPP Professional. The highly experienced team is available for the duration of the study period to assist should you have any inquiries, uncertainties and or wish to provide feedback.





Course type

Classroom based





*(excluding APMG exam fee and VAT for South African based candidates)

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