A water industry view, 2019 on the relevance of public-private partnership delivery models.

For those interested in the potential use of PPPs and specifically water PPPs as an alternative procurement methodology please read the full study as per the hyper link below.

These same principles are valid for Integrated Water Programmes (IWPs) that have been developed elsewhere in the world.

Summary: Water infrastructure in the US is going through an unprecedented period of change, a trend that looks set to accelerate over the coming years as municipal utilities try to manage systems in the face of multiple challenges. These include capital budget and affordability pressures, deferred maintenance backlogs, evolving environmental regulation and demographic changes, as well as intensifying short- and long-term resilience issues that extreme weather events and evolving climatic trends bring.

The American Water Work Association (AWWA) membership, totalling more than 52,000 members, represents the full spectrum of the water community: public water and wastewater systems, environmental advocates, scientists, academics and others who hold a genuine interest in reliable and affordable water.


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