Employers look for deep knowledge and expertise. Our digital badges give you immediate global recognition for your proficiency in PPPs.

Certify your ability to:

  • Effectively source funding for PPP projects
  • Establish tailored and comprehensive PPP frameworks
  • Identify and allocate the government roles and responsibilities within the PPP process
  • Propose optimal procurement routes for PPP projects
  • Structure and manage PPP contracts
  • Achieve maximum Value for Money (VfM) through effective financial structuring

Gaining the ultimate PPP professional credential

The CP3P (Certified Public-private Partnerships Professional) credential is awarded to those who pass all three PPP Certification Program exams.

Those who possess the CP3P credential will be instantly recognisable as having the complete competencies needed to deliver PPPs successfully. 

The PPP Guide will give you the knowledge and understanding of PPP models

The PPP Certification Program Guide is a comprehensive resource on all stages of successfully delivering PPPs, including PPP models, PPP and Government and PPP value for money.

By helping public officials and their advisors create efficient, sustainable PPPs, and by promoting private sector understanding of and confidence in PPP programs, this PPP Guide will enhance the ability of governments to fill the global infrastructure gap.


The PPP Guide also serves as the fundamental reading material for the PPP Certification Program.

Contact us or sign up to one of our courses and we will assist you through the process of becoming a certified professional.

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