CP3P Foundation Blended Learning Program

Welcome to the CP3P Foundation Blended Learning Program

The purpose of the Foundation certification is to measure whether a candidate has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the PPP Guide to act as an informed team member of a PPP project. The Foundation course is also a pre-requisite for the two Practitioner (Preparation and Execution) courses.

This certification is aimed at individuals involved in PPP projects, which require a working knowledge of the critical principles of financing PPP projects, who need to know the terminology used and some of the theory behind the PPP financing structures. It is also the introduction to the higher-level Practitioner certification and includes executive decision-makers, senior government employees, and the private sector.

This course will be valuable for candidates involved with infrastructure and service delivery. This course is recommended explicitly for finance, economic, legal, procurement, environmental, risk, and engineering practitioners.

What is different?

PPP Training Online trust that you will significantly benefit from your participation in this course. This Blended Learning Program offers:

  1. A 4-hour live online training session, followed by the opportunity to study the CP3P Foundation Self-Paced course. You are welcome to choose the date of the live online session that will specifically deal with:
    • PPP Frameworks
    • PPP project opportunities
    • PPP case studies
    • Introduction of the CP3P Foundation Self-Paced course
  2. The CP3P Foundation Self – Paced course offers the following: 
    • A Learning Guide that incorporates a detailed study plan.
    • Chapter 1 of the CP3P Guide (split into lessons).
    • Ten pre-recorded videos capture the essence of each of the lessons.
    • Sixty–day access to the PPPTO Academy website allows you to manage and measure your training activities based on the recommended study plan.
  3. A highly experienced and internationally accredited trainer will reveal, discuss and embed the critical PPP principles during the live online session.

  4. The trainer will guide you, the candidate, from whichever discipline you are approaching the course and assist in understanding the importance of integrating  various disciplines leading towards the conceptualising of better projects and  improved value for money..

Online Exam format

  • 50 Multiple-choice questions.
  • 50% required to pass.
  • 40 minutes duration.
  • Closed book exam.

PPPTO urges you to make the best of this opportunity on your journey towards becoming a PPP Professional. The PPPTO team is available to assist should you have any inquiries, uncertainties, or wish to provide feedback.


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*(excluding APMG exam fee and VAT for South African based candidates)

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